A Little More About Who We Are


It all started in 2004...

... And since then we have grown into one team of professionals with our own offices in the United States and Europe, and a solid network of long-term partner firms around the globe.  

At CGA, we structured our project teams with a focus on strategic agility.  Our four major functional practice areas - Accounting, Corporate Finance and Strategy, Compliance, and Human Resources - are able to leverage their individual strengths to create end-to-end solutions that improve our clients' operational, financial and organizational performance.   It is precisely our unique composition of talent that enables us to deploy our 3D Lens Approach - we diagnose the environment, design effective solutions, and deliver exceptional results. 

As advisers to principals, and as a direct consequence of our modus-operandi, we are often involved in transactions requiring experience and domain expertise in fields other than our four practice areas.  Therefore, besides our access to prominent accounting firms, law firms, and substantial financial resources, throughout the years, we have developed an organized network of experts in various fields: from engineers and physicists to biologists and medical professionals. Furthermore, at CGA we greatly value academic research, insight and innovation, thus we maintain close relationships, and collaborate ad-hoc, with very prominent universities located in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

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