Why Team CGA?

Why Team CGA?





Why Team CGA?

Why Team CGA?




Decisions are tough, and convincing you - as a decision maker - to fork out cash for services you're not sure you need might feel a little uncomfortable.  So, rather than talking you into hiring Team CGA, we want you to convince yourself that we really are the best at what we do and that we can work to your advantage.  In fact, we're so sure that partnering with CGA to make your business better is a good, no, a smart move, that we're willing to sit with you for a one-hour consult to troubleshoot whatever issue is on your plate at that moment.  We'll even tell you if we're the right fit or not because we don't want you to spend your hard-earned dough on a service you don't need.  So, bring it on.  But, before you bring it, consider this ace up our sleeve:

  • Four service areas, with teams that use an integrated approach to achieve greater efficiency and superior results
  • Industry knowledge and expertise
  • Personalized service and support 
  • Industry and business analytics and reports tailored to your needs
  • A multidisciplinary approach that results in on-the-spot, proactive solutions
  • Development and training of staff and leadership  

It's our business to know your business, inside and out. You could call us the holy grail of professional services teams. We'd be okay with that.

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Case Studies Intro



Case Studies





Case Studies Intro



Case Studies





Since we appreciate that you want to do your homework when looking for professional services, we've taken the liberty of preparing a few interesting and relevant case studies to illustrate some of the types of client engagements we have.  These aren't necessarily exhaustive - you can imagine just how much we've done since we started out in 2009 - but it's a great representation of our business prowess.  

You should always feel free to call us at (212) 962-4487 to discuss case studies, or anything else that might interest you.


Case Study A - Health Supplement Company Unaware of Tax Implications:  A well-known health supplement company in the business of selling health cleansing kits and individual supplements engaged us to determine favorable tax climates. Learn more...

Case Study B - Large Specialty Pharmacy Group Seeking to Sell:  A specialty pharmacy group experienced substantial growth with revenue nearly doubling between 2012 and 2013, and increasing sixfold from 2013 to 2014.  Learn more...

Case Study C - Public Acquisition of Private Company:  A privately-held but leading telecommunications product company in its geographic market, was approached by an international public company, also in the telecommunications industry (“Buyer”), regarding a potential acquisition. Learn more...

Case Study D - Balanced Scorecard Metrics Improvement for Retailer at Store Site:  A retailer undergoing a major culture transformation effort was having difficulties with one particular store that had a diverse and relatively heterogeneous team of 200 employees. Learn more...

Case Study E - Long-Standing Illinois Manufacturing Company on the Brink of Bankruptcy:  A specialized manufacturing facility in operations for over eighty years with over 200 union employees was on the brink of bankruptcy. Learn more...

Case Study F - Rapid Expansion of Experiential Marketing Firm:  A rapidly expanding experiential marketing firm with prominent clients including Aaron’s, Svedka, NJOY, ESPN, Lincoln, Allstate, was experiencing substantial growth but lacked the in-house capabilities to manage and monitor its growth. Learn more...

Case Study G - Established Mobile Technology Company Seeking to Expand in the U.S. Market:  An established Estonian company engaged in the pay-by-mobile parking business sought to expand in the U.S. market forming Client G for such purposes. Learn more...

Case Study H - Negotiations Between Shareholders and Exiting C-Level Officer:  A minority shareholder and COO of a closely held corporation in the manufacturing industry operating in 23 states planned to step down from her role as Officer. Learn more...


Case Study I - High-End Spa and Personal Care Company with Multiple Locations Required Streamlining and Talent Management Planning:  The shareholders of a high-volume, high-end spa and personal care company with multiple locations needed to consolidate their spa tracking systems and create adequate monthly and quarterly financial reporting.  Learn more...

Case Study J - International Retailer Retains CGA to Design and Manage US Business Operations:  A large international retailer entered the US market and required a full suite of services to open and operate their flagship store, in addition to creating a clear nexus with their European headquarters.  Learn more...

Case Study K - Freight Forwarding Service Obtains CGA to Develop a Patent for its Unique Shipping Model:  A freight-forwarding service found a way to optimize their services and provide customers with a less expensive and greener method of transportation.  Learn more...

Case Study L - International Communications Company Requires Consolidation for Newly Acquired US Entities:  An international public communications company was strategically positioned to open its US market and acquired a few smaller companies in the US.  Learn more...

Case Study M - Multinational High-End Furniture Company Engages CGA to Re-Organize its US Operations:  A high-end company, operating in North America, Europe and Asia, was experiencing critical issues with their US operations.  Learn More...

Case Study N - Asset Based Lender Crossing Borders: A US-based ABL wished to explore cross-border opportunities but lacked the in-house resources to analyze foreign companies in domestic and foreign jurisdictions.  Learn More... 

Case Study O - Faster, More Comprehensive, Reliable Output for Private Equity Investment Firm:  A rapidly growing Private Equity Investment Firm, with offices in New York, London, Shanghai and Milan, was looking for a solution to perform faster and more comprehensive due diligence on existing and prospective portfolio companies.  Learn More...

Would you like to read more Case Studies? Call us at (212) 962-4487, send us a message on our Contact Us page, or visit our Facebook page.  

Bam. There you have it.

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Why We Rock

Why We Rock






Why We Rock

Why We Rock






In the vein of how we view teamwork, we take diversity very seriously.  In fact, we not only have a unique cross-section of ethnically and racially diverse employees, we've identified the characteristics that make our people the perfect fit for Team CGA.  Here's a glimpse into who we are:

First things first... Academics:

  • Ivy League and Top-Tier Schools. 70% of our team members have received undergraduate and graduate degrees, and post-graduate diplomas and certificates from Ivy League and Top-Tier schools, including University of Oxford, Columbia University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University, University of Cambridge, UCLA, New York University, Boston University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and Fudan University.

  • Higher Education. 67% of our employees have Masters Degrees and higher.

  • Professional Licenses. 71% have professional licenses (e.g. Esq., CPA, CMA, CFA PHR, or other).

  • Languages. 93% have bilingual proficiency, and current languages that are spoken are: Italian, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

  • Academic Rigor. 100% of our people are trained to be academically rigorous when approaching client problems.

But, wait... it gets even better.

  • Here's a breakdown of our formal academic backgrounds (in random order):

    • 57% are formally trained in Accounting. How about them apples?

    • 45% are Economists... Gives you the warm and fuzzies.

    • 27% have a background in Law... All. Things. Legal.

    • 27% are Human Resources gurus.

    • 58% can talk your ears off about Business Administration…show-offs.

    • 14% are Organizational Psychologists with a fervor for understanding human behavior. We keep them in line with their analyzing.

    • 65% have spent hour after hour coming up with statistically significant data. Statisticians: fabulously nerdy.

    • 25% are known Strategists with a formal education in... Strategy. Like our resident Psychologists, we keep them in check, too.

    • 29% have specialized formation in Financial Economics. So fancy.

And, to further our Awesomeness...

  • 100% of Team CGA employees have worked in foreign markets, across an array of industries.

  • 89% of our employees have resided or worked in a foreign country (wouldn't you love to be a fly on our walls to hear the crazy stories we share?).

  • 100% of Team CGA employees have a unique cultural and ethnic background, which makes us all very tied to our roots. In fact, our people are either first or second generation Americans, or foreign-born and naturalized American citizens. So, we are pretty much the reason people call the US a melting pot... because we are the UN, also on steroids. And, don't get us started on foods. You should see our potluck Fridays.

Our people have the agility needed to go from one context to another, adapt quickly, and begin to critically engage.  This recipe for talent isn't an accident.

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