In the vein of how we view teamwork, we take diversity very seriously.  In fact, we not only have a unique cross-section of ethnically and racially diverse employees, we've identified the characteristics that make our people the perfect fit for Team CGA.  Here's a glimpse into who we are:

First things first... Academics:

  • 70% of our team members have received undergraduate and graduate degrees, and post-graduate diplomas and certificates from Ivy League and Top-Tier schools, including University of Oxford, Columbia University, Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, University of Cambridge, UCLA, New York University, Boston University, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
  • 50% of our employees have Masters Degrees and higher.
  • 71% have professional licenses (Esq., CPA, CMA, PHR, or other).
  • 93% have bilingual proficiency, and current languages that are spoken are: Italian, Spanish, French, German, Albanian, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  • 100% of our people are trained to be academically rigorous when approaching client problems.

But, wait... it gets even better.

  • Here's a breakdown of our formal academic backgrounds (in descending order):
    • 47% are formally trained in Accounting.  How about them apples?
    • 45% are Economists... Gives you the warm and fuzzies.
    • 27% have a background in Law... All. Things. Legal.
    • 27% are Human Resources gurus.
    • 18% can talk your ears off about Business Administration (show-offs).
    • 14% are Organizational Psychologists with a fervor for understanding human behavior. We keep them in line with their analyzing.
    • 14% have spent hour after hour coming up with statistically significant data.  Statisticians: fabulously nerdy.
    • 14% are known Strategists with a formal education in... Strategy.  Like our resident Psychologists, we keep them in check, too.
    • 14% have specialized formation in Financial Economics.  So fancy.

And, to further our Awesomeness...

  • 100% of Team CGA employees have worked in foreign markets, across an array of industries.
  • 89% of our employees have resided or worked in a foreign country (wouldn't you love to be a fly on our walls to hear the crazy stories we share?).
  • 100% of Team CGA employees have a unique cultural and ethnic background, which makes us all very tied to our roots.  In fact, our people are either first or second generation Americans, or foreign-born and naturalized American citizens.  So, we are pretty much the reason people call the US a melting pot... because we are the UN, also on steroids.  And, don't get us started on foods. You should see our potluck Fridays.

Our people have the agility needed to go from one context to another, adapt quickly, and begin to critically engage.  This recipe for talent isn't an accident.

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